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Walter Q. Gresham Memorial Park was the first park dedicated into the Harrison County Park system in 1967 by the Franklin Township Athletic Club.

Walter Q. Gresham

The park’s namesake, Walter Q. Gresham is one of Harrison County’s most historic personalities. Gresham was born in Lanesville, Indiana in 1832. He served as a Light Colonel and Brigadier General during the Civil War. In 1883, he was appointed as the Post Master General of the United States by President Chester A. Authur. He served for a short period as the Secretary of the Treasury in 1884, and held a position as a federal judge until 1892. With the inauguration of Grover Cleveland, in 1893, Gresham was appointed as Secretary of State, a cabinet position he held until his death from pneumonia on May 28, 1895. Walter Q. Gresham is buried at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

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