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Walking Trails

Hayswood Trail
This is a very short trail with a very mildly sloping terrain. The trail is 258 feet long and basically connects the creation area to the wildlife project area. This is the best access to the wildlife project with the shortest distance. If you were going to visit the wildlife enhancement project, it would be recommended to park in the parking area by the Nature Trail and walk this trail to the area.

Paved Walking Trail
This is a great easy walking path. The paved portion has minimal incline. It’s also handicap accessible. This trail connects with the woodland trail.

Woodland Trail
The woodland trail actually has two destinations. By taking it from the recreation area, you can travel 980 feet and come into the far backside of the wildlife enhancement project. This is a moderate but more aggressive path. If you continued you would go a total of 3,248 feet and would reconnect with the handicapped trail. This part of the path takes you into the heart of the nature reserve along the creek and then up the hill to the handicapped trail. This trail will show some of the best wildlife footprints, burrows, and maybe even a glimpse at some wildlife. This trail while not rough is hilly and slopped.

Indian Creek Trail
Over a decade ago, a group of local citizens came together with a vision. They dreamed of a trail system that would connect the YMCA in the north to Hayswood in south. With tenacity and support from local government, the Harrison County Community Foundation, the Harrison County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Indiana Department of Transportation, it’s well underway.

The trail head begins at the cul-de-sac by the lake. Three of 4 trail legs are complete. The leg beginning at Hayswood winds along Indian Creek eventually crossing it.

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