South Harrison Observatory

   Quick Info



  South Harrison Park


State Road 11, 4 miles southwest of Elizabeth


8750 South Harrison Park Dr. SE
Laconia, IN 47135  

An Amazing Experience

South Harrison’s observatory has some of the best equipment in the region thanks to a partnership with Jefferson Community and Technical College.

There are one or two public observing sessions monthly at South Harrison Observatory. During each of these sessions a member of the observatory staff will be on-hand to show views through the telescopes and answer questions.

Evening Program
Join the observatory staff for a tour of what is visible in the night sky, including the moon, stars, and planets. This occurs around the first quarter of the moon.

Daytime program
This is “open house” at the observatory. Come safely observe the Sun, with its prominences and sunspots. Check out our telescopes and learn about the observatory – after all, you can’t really see what’s in the observatory when it is dark. This occurs around the third quarter of the moon.