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  Due to the recent Coronavirus situation Camping at Buffalo Trace is limited to modern campers with self contained restrooms, showers and wastewater facilities. Primitive camping or camping units without self contained waster water equipment are prohibited till further notice. The use of public playground equipment or gathering around other groups is cautioned. The Parks Department office remains open to assist customer by telephone, email or internet. The lobby and service counter will not be open to the public.
  Due to the recent Coronavirus situation the Discovery Center will be closed until April 6. All organized sporting events, group programs or gatherings are canceled and prohibited until April 6
Harrison County Parks
Harrison County Parks

Diversified Parks, 900+ Acres

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Relax. Get away. Reconnect. Your parks. Your place to relax and get away from the normal hustle and bustle of today’s hectic lifestyle.

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Pick one or try them all! Fish, camp, swim, play softball, tennis, basketball, canoe, paddle boat or just enjoy a quiet family picnic. We have something fun for everyone.

Discovery Center

Check out the Harrison County Discovery Center too!

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Rhoads Pool
South Harrison
Buffalo Trace
Battle of Corydon

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