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Special Event Request Form

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  • What is a special event?

    Any organized public or private event

    Any organized public or private event that requires use of park areas and or facilities beyond the normal operating procedures of Harrison County Parks department.

  • Why is a special event permit needed?

    Parks are held in the public trust.

    It is important that park sites be used properly and are available to the public at all times in acceptable condition.

  • When is a Special Events Permit required?

    There are quite a few circumstances.

    • The site requested has not been designated as a normal site for large group gatherings
    • Admission is controlled either by donations, entry fees or tickets
    • Anything is sold
    • Tents, canopies or stages are brought in
    • The event is advertised as a public event
    • The event is organized by a caterer
    • Special vehicle access is requested
    • Additional electricity, restroom, or garbage facilities are required
  • What are normal costs for an event?

    Regular Costs

    If your event requires use of one or more shelter houses, you must reserve and pay for these facilities. Contact the Park Office for assistance.

  • What are park regulations and event guidelines?

    There's quite a few of them.

    • Alcohol is not permitted in county parks
    • Sound from music or public address systems must be limited to the area reserved for the event
    • Food concessions must display an approved Health Department certificate on site
    • Public liability insurance for bodily injury or property damage in the sum of $1 million dollars naming Harrison County Park as an additional insured must be provided. A copy of the certificate must be included with the application.
    • Vehicle access to grass areas may be granted but must be limited as much as possible.
    • Security and traffic control during the event are the responsibility of the permittee.
  • How do I schedule a special event?

    Submit an Event Request Form

    Submit our Event Request form below and your application will be reviewed by the park staff and may require a review by the Harrison County Park Board if it’s large scale. If your Special Event Permit application is approved, you may be required to meet with the park staff to review special needs.